September 7, 2016

The One Thing You Should Invest In To Build Wealth

Will Akridge

How many times have you heard someone ask: “What is the best thing for me to invest in if I have $500/$1000/$5000 dollars?” If you’ve ever used the internet, you’ve probably seen this question countless times. The truth is, investing in yourself is the best option you have when it comes to improving your future! The goal of any good investment is to get a good return on your money, and if you invest in yourself, you’re going to be reaping the benefits of that investment for as long as you live. There are plenty of people who think it’s best to invest in real estate or the stock market, but really those options are just ways to put your money somewhere and have it increase a few percentage points over a long time. Investing in yourself is uniquely advantageous because it has a direct effect on your future earning potential, your happiness, and your independent capability. It’s not always a simple choice, but when you think about what kind of position you want to be in a few years, you’ll find that you’re making decisions that give the future you a leg up.

When it comes to how to invest in yourself, the most powerful thing you can do is consider what drives you forward. Elevating your motivation sounds intuitive, but it’s really something you have to think about hard if you want it to work for you. Think about what you look forward to most in your day and remind yourself why it’s so fulfilling for you. If you’re someone who loves cooking dinner every night, invest in some good cookbooks or some fancy knives to help nourish that passion. That nightly ritual that you look forward to can be your own personal carrot-on-a-stick, infusing the rest of your day with inertia and momentum. A big part of happiness comes from having something to look forward to, and if you can amplify and nourish what it is that you look forward to, it will enhance your performance in every other part of your life. Showing up to a job interview with the positive energy you got from making last night’s sushi bonanza is only going to help you land it!

Enabling yourself to control your perspective is another great way to invest in yourself. Even if you decide to do something as simple as enroll in a judo class or start taking violin lessons, the dividends you will receive from leaving your comfort zone can be enormous! It’s easy to get tunnel vision sometimes, and putting yourself in a position where you can reset your focus can prove invaluable. You could even do something like buy ten bucks worth of origami paper and commit yourself to folding paper cranes whenever you find yourself in a loop of cyclical thinking! The more control you have over your focus, the more confident you will feel about the orientation of your perspective. This will bring you a lot of confidence as you’ll no longer feel constrained by the thoughts of day-to-day routines!

Perhaps the most empowering way to invest yourself is to get yourself a side hustle. This could be anything, including starting your own business selling jewelry or t-shirts on the internet! The most fulfilling aspect of getting a side hustle going is the ownership it affords you. You get to decide your own level of involvement and you decide how best to leverage your assorted talents and unique skills. Creating a new stream of income is financially rewarding as well, and with a little elbow grease, you could make it into the next big thing! You’ll also learn a lot about yourself in the process of building something new. Never underestimate the power of exploring new ground and don’t limit yourself to opportunities that are in fields that you’re comfortable with!

Most importantly, don’t forget that investing in yourself is also the best way to bolster your ability to help others! The more you build yourself up, the more you are able to inspire others by setting an example of self-sufficiency. It never hurts to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to figure out where an investment in yourself would be most effective. Whether you decide to invest in more education, certifications, or just a nice relaxing vacation, you’re going to be increasing your sense of well-being and your future earning potential! Invest in yourself and before you know it, you’ll be reaping the rewards.

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